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The Mascot Contest Winner

Oct 9, 2008

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Rebecca's Entry: Timmy Technology

  • I’d like you to meet a good friend of mine. His name is Timmy Technology. He lives at Virtual Voices Village. Sometimes he really blows my mind because he is so great at using technology to help me out. He can do many things simultaneously and works fast and neatly. Sometimes he gets a virus and has to call the Geek Squad.

    Aiden at the Olympics
  • Timmy Technology’s Family Tree

    Aiden's Equipment
  • Aiden uses clicker 5 and clicker paing
  • Also, Timmy’s personality is flashy and memorable. He even has 160 gigabytes of memory. His favorite sport is football - he plays for the RAMS. He loves to snack on micro chips when he is watching TV and he loves the colour blue because that is the colour of his inside wiring. He was born in RAM City. Here’s a bit of his history. He started as a tiny little laptop. One night when he was 2 years old his family were having stewed micro chips and it looked gross. Timmy didn’t want to be rude so he took a tiny bite and loved it. He loves to try new things and now that he is 9 he is starting to cook for his family. For his birthday he has a micro cake. Every weekend he goes to see his horse Flash at Grandma RAMS Ranch. He also loves to play tag with his friend Mickey Mouse. Timmy hates extra down loading because it takes so long. Definitely, Timmy Technology is an amazing friend.

Timmy is now on tour around British Columbia. Find out how to bring him to your classroom.